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I am Edgar Cuevas.
I am a web designer & software engineer based out of the Midwest.


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A Chicagoland based hipster wishing to live a life of software engineering.


My name is Edgar Cuevas.

I've Got Some skills.

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    Angular JS
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My Work Experience.

October 2018 - Present

Map Titan

Front-end Developer

Work with AngularJS to create a user frinedly environment

September '18 - Present

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

Software Engineer & Lab Assistant

• Worked on designing a user-friendly interface to analyze patient’s voice disorders
• Developed backend for Web Application to evaluate an individual’s speech intelligibility
• Working on research publication to determine Evaluation Metric to see effectiveness of Ideal Binary Masks on Healthy vs. Hoarsed patients (to be published soon in collaboration with Dr. Keiko Ishikawa)

June 2018 - Present


Professional Fundraiser (Sales)

• Worked with a team of activists to inform the public of the ASPCA and The Nature Conservatory
• Collected funds for the ASPCA and The Nature Conservatory

May 2017 - August 2017

Human Rights Campaign

Field Manager

Managed the Chicago summer canvassing branch team of up to 70 individuals. Worked to build awareness about Equality Act legislation and collectively raised over half a million dollars in under two months. Recognized for achievements as Team Manager before being recommended for the position of branch Director.
• Responsible for intelligently delegating and supervising consistent assignment completion as leader of the task force.
• Charged with tracking individual financial information in addition to meticulously adhering to proper procedure, even accounting for alterations to such whilst traveling out of state.
• Invariably able to support and rally members of the team, the results of which included breaking several top performing records. Records that had previously been sustained not only regionally, but nationally.
• Individual performance likewise remained dependably high for the entirety of employment, and as a top achiever two unique promotions were offered over the course of just two months

Community Commitment

See My Activities.

Learn more about the organizations that I am part of

Flor Fest

A local charity music festival that I founded

A local charity music festival that I founded to provide funds for the local LGBTQ+ center (UP Center of Champaign County) Read about it here:

Flor Poetry

President & Founder

Founded a poetry organization that focuses on developing creative writer's poetry... Read more about it:

Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Vice-President, Social Media Manager, & Co-Founder

Design and establish university campaigns focused on reproductive rights with the executive board
Develop meeting presentations on various sexual health and policy topics

Delta Sigma Phi


Became the secretary of Delta Sigma Phi's Alpha Alpha chapter the same semester that I rushed (never done before by any member).

International Illini


Managing all the financial status of International Illini, a group of students that welcome international students to the University of Illinois, while mantaining their social media presence.

LGBTQ+ Roundtable


Active in bi-weekly meetings discussing LGBTQ+ activities on campus and/or any political work needed to further improve the lives of LGBTQ+ members.

What People Say.

Author image

We were as surprised as everyone else to read the news that Flor fest, a brand new music festival exclusively showcasing Illinois bands and run by University of Illinois students, is donating their first year's profits to support the programs at The UP Center. We want to thank Edgar Cuevas, flor poetry, and the entire Flor Fest team for thinking of the LGBTQ+ community while devoting themselves to everything else it takes to plan a music festival.

William President, The UP Center of Champaign County
Author image

Cuevas originally had the idea for the festival less than three months ago and began designing the festival. He quickly helped recruit over 20 artists and bands from across Illinois to perform.

Sarah O'Beirne Staff Writer, Daily Illini
Author image

And here's a first — quite literally. Edgar Cuevas, president and co-founder of Flor Fest, has 22 musical acts from across Illinois lined up to play at this Friday's event at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, 202 S. Broadway Ave., U. Currently booked are Today's Children, The Telephone Junkies, Wes Harmony, Ex Cathedra, Lost Wilderness, Silent Generation, Feed The Monkeys, Jake Fava, Warm Darn, Kiddsoul, Tarun Mahajan, This is A Stick Up!, Boxout, Alien Thing, Clockwork Owl, Dani Avila, From Circumstances, Ben Cheslow, Anika Emily and Kathleen Dowling.

Frank PieperStaff Writer, The News Gazette

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